Commercial Fees


Fees will be assessed to commercial haulers as prescribed in the Fee Schedule.  

Commercial Fee Schedule 

  • <1,000 tons                           $41.20/ton
  • ≥1,000 & <1,500 tons          $39.14/ton
  • ≥1,500 tons                           $32.96/ton
  • Construction & Debris      $42.23/ton

Residential User Fees


Residents are able to drop off recycling at no charge.

Effective March 2, 2015 residents will be charged for trash disposal at the Regional Landfill and Belman Road Recycling Center. There are three purchasing options: Annual Pass, Coupon Book, and Single-Use Pass. More information is available in the Fee Schedule.

Annual Passes ($120)

Annual Passes will be available for purchase online, at the Regional Landfill, at the Stafford County Treasurer’s, and the City of Fredericksburg Treasurer’s Offices. The annual passes are only effective for the calendar year. Annual passes are assigned to a single vehicle. As such, please be prepared to provide your vehicle registration when purchasing annual passes. Passes need to be visible to the gate attendant as your vehicle drives up. Please affix the annual pass sticker to the backside of your rear view mirror or sun visor.

Coupon books ($40)

Coupon Books consist of 10 passes that do not expire and are accepted at both the Regional Landfill and Belman Road Convenience Center. Coupon books may be purchased online, at the Regional Landfill, the Stafford County Treasurer and the City of Fredericksburg Treasurer’s Office. If purchasing a coupon book please provide proof of residency with a driver’s license, utility bill, or lease.

Single-use passes ($5) are only available at the Regional Landfill.

Oversize load fee:

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