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The R-Board offers many programs to the City of Fredericksburg and Stafford County.

Regional Landfill Tour

The Regional Landfill is located at 489 Eskimo Hill Road, Stafford, VA 22554. Learn more. 

Belman Road Convenience Center Tour

The Belman Road Convenience Center is located at 1200 Belman Road, Fredericksburg, VA 22401. Learn more. 

Community Pride 

The R-Board can provide a 40-cubic yard waste container for your next neighborhood cleanup for $450.00.

Use the container for your community cleanup.  Advise us if you need safety vests or litter grabbers and we can arrange loaning them to you.

Complete the Community Pride Dumpster Request Form and mail or deliver it to the R-Board Administrative Office with your deposit. Dumpsters are available on a first come/first serve basis. Please call 540-658-5277 with questions.

HOA Dumpster Rental

No hazardous materials or commercial contractor debris, please! The following materials may not be put in the R-Board dumpster:


  • Hazardous chemicals including pesticides, paint, or petroleum products
  • Household trash
  • Commercial contractor debris


The HOA will be responsible for the container while it is on site. The HOA will be responsible for the disposal of any trash accumulation outside of the R-Board dumpster before, during, and after the container has been removed from the site. In addition, the HOA will be assessed a fee of $32.00 per hour for R-Board staff to close the door and tarp the dumpster before loading it onto the truck. If materials prevent the door from closing R-Board staff will remove them. If debris and trash materials protrude from the top of the dumpster and prevent the tarp to be deployed, R-Board staff will remove them.

Litter Cleanup

The R-Board is concerned with litter in our community, especially the roads to the landfill. Not only is litter ugly, it is harmful to wildlife and causes traffic accidents.


Friends of the Rappahannock River Cleanup
Each spring and fall, hundreds of volunteers come together to clean up the banks and tributaries of the beautiful Rappahannock River. The R-Board is proud to be a sponsor for this great effort. For more information visit Friends of the Rappahannock.



The R-Board has partnered with the Rappahannock Regional Jail to pick up litter along the roadsides in Stafford, Fredericksburg, and the Rappahannock Canal in Fredericksburg.

The  R-Board works with the Rappahannock Area Office on Youth for roadside litter cleanup up also. Youth with certain community service requirements pick up trash on weekends.

Litter Crew
The R-Board employs a litter crew to clean up roadside litter on secondary roads. If you happen to see a spot on public, non-residential, non-commercial roads call 540-658-8680 to request a clean up.

Secure Your Load
Be on the lookout for signs posted on the roads to the Regional Landfill. The signs are reminders to secure your load when you transport trash, brush, and other items in an open bed. It is illegal in Stafford County to carry an unsecured load. The penalty is a maximum $2,500 find and/or 12 months in jail.

Volunteer—Organize a Cleanup
The R-Board provides all the supplies you need to spend a Saturday morning improving your local park. Call 540-658-8680 to arrange for trash bags, safety vests, gloves, litter pickers, and signs for your cleanup. We’ll even pick up the trash bags after you finish and let you know the weight of the collected trash. 

Learn more about the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) Adopt-a-Highway program.

Backyard Composting 101

The R-Board offers backyard composting classes that teach you how to compost your food scraps and yard waste, which compost bin might be right for your needs, and how to maximize your compost process. Composting 101 classes are open to everyone, but only residents of Stafford County and the City of Fredericksburg will be able to receive a composting bin from the R-Board.

Get your free Earth Machine compost bin by attending one of our Backyard Composting classes!  Bins are free and only available to class participants who are City of Fredericksburg or Stafford County residents. Bins are limited to one per person, and are available for pickup at our Administrative Office during regular business hours. 

Community Service

The R-Board is accepting community service workers. If you  are interested in fulfilling your hours picking up litter and completing other jobs at the Regional Landfill, please call 540-658-8680 for details.


Any Questions?

If you have any questions about anything relating to the R-Board, please refer to our FAQ pages! 

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