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The Rappahannock Regional Solid Waste Management Board (R-Board) has earned its Exemplary Environmental Enterprise (E3) recertification in the Virginia Environmental Excellence Program (VEEP) for the Regional Landfill. The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VA DEQ) administers the E3 certification and only certifies facilities that have a good compliance history, a fully implemented environmental management system, and a pollution prevention program in place with demonstrated performance. The Regional Landfill has been certified in environmental excellence since 2004.

 “The R-Board is committed to ensuring the Regional Landfill operates with environmental excellence and provides our residents with options to reduce the amount of waste going to the landfill,” said Phil Hathcock, R-Board Director. “Extending the life of the landfill is a top priority of the R-Board.”

The R-Board is committed to continuous improvement of the Regional Landfill. The R-Board requires annual training and monthly safety training for employees and encourages employees to seek additional training to ensure safety and environmental responsibility. The R-Board is dedicated to environmental excellence and extending the life of the landfill through recycling opportunities for residents. In the past year, the R-Board implemented new programs and initiatives to improve sustainability, including a Compost-a-Thon event, plastic bag recycling, textile recycling, food scrap composting, and rechargeable battery recycling.

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