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Headlines from 2011

March 4 – R-Board Offers Composting Classes, Dumpsters for HOA’s…read the article
February 14 – Recycling Program Keeps Garbage Out of Landfill…read the article

Headlines from 2010

November 24 – City and Stafford Lead in Recycling…read the article
August 20 – Stafford Landfill May Add Hours…read the article
June 27 – Study: Virginians Buying, Tossing Less…read the article

Headlines from 2009

November 27 – Stafford, City recycle nearly half of waste…read the article
November 1 – Let’s talk trash: City streamlining recycling…read the article
May 17 – Let’s Change the World a Pound of Trash at a Time…read the article
April 28 – Starting to do their family’s part…read the article

Headlines from 2008

September 30 – County Gathers to Play…read the article
September 18 – Landfill Gas Provides Electricity…read the article
December 5 – Recycling Rises in Stafford, City…read the article
November 1 – Lets Talk Trash: City Streamlining Recycling…read the article
November 4 – Recycling Rules Relaxed, Rates Are Rising…read the article

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