Landfill Operations & Covid-19

April 2, 2020 – The Eskimo Hill Landfill and the Belman Convenience Center provide the essential service of waste management. Please click here for frequently asked questions regarding the Landfill’s response to COVID-19.

While it is our intention to have minimum service interruption for both residential and commercial customers, we are all in a very fluid situation. Please visit our directions and hours page for the most up to date information on any required changes in hours.

We strongly recommend following the Governor’s stay at home order, but understand many residents utilize the landfill as their only form of waste disposal. Due to this, we have provided the following tips:

  • For Residents – if your schedule permits come to the landfill and Belman Convenience Center Tuesday – Friday, when it is less populated.
  • Residents – expect layout changes at Eskimo Hill to limit the number of people who can be at one dumpster, to enforce social distancing requirements.
  • Reduce your time on our site: if you usually come in every week, consider making trips every two – three weeks if possible.
  • Do not linger and keep at least 6 ft. distance from others.
  • Bag any household trash to ensure it doesn’t blow away or otherwise become litter.
  • Due to social distance guidelines, be aware that our staff will not be able to assist in unloading.
  • Please be aware that the rules at the facility are subject to change to ensure we are keeping staff and residents safe while also providing waste disposal outlets.