Commercial Permits

Pursuant to Stafford County Codes §21-2 & §21-4 the R-Board has “the authority to adopt reasonable rules and regulations to assure safe, sanitary, and efficient operation of the sanitary landfill. The aforesaid rules and regulations shall have the force and effect of law. The R-Board may also delegate authority to the landfill supervisor to inspect vehicles and grant permits to refuse removers.”

R-Board Rules and regulations state that all refuse removers desiring to dispose of refuse at the landfill must obtain an annual refuse removers permit issued by the R-Board. Main components to the permit are a $100 permit fee, vehicle inspections, and $50 per vehicle inspected – not to exceed $500 in total fees.

Below are pertinent documents to the commercial permit.

R-Board Rules and Regulations May 2019

Fee Schedule April 2019 – contains all fees charged by the landfill

Commercial Permit Memo

Permit Application FY2020

Vehicle Self-Inspection

We recommend having an experienced mechanic complete your self-inspection form. We continue to offer inspections conducted by our staff. To schedule an inspection please call (540)658-4579 or email