Recycling is an important part of waste management and the R-Board offers many recycling opportunities for its customers. Residents in Stafford and Fredericksburg are provided with single-stream recycling drop-off locations for cans, bottles, and paper products. Scrap metal and coolant-containing appliances are also accepted. Items that are often considered hazardous like car batteries, fluorescent bulbs, used motor oil and antifreeze are accepted on a daily basis too.

The R-Board is required by the VA Department of Environmental Quality to recycle at least 25% of the waste generated in its jurisdiction. For the last several years, the R-Board has surpassed this target with a recycling rate of about 50% and holds one of the highest recycling rates in the state. Our citizens and businesses are not required to recycle, so we thank you for your stewardship and environmental consciousness that helps us achieve our goal.