Environmental Education


Did you ever wonder how a landfill works? How do we recycle? When was the first landfill created?

If you would like answers to these or any other waste questions, we can help! An R-Board staff member can be a guest speaker at your event or in your classroom. You can go behind the scenes with a virtual landfill tour. We can bring the landfill to you with our Mobile Landfill Exhibit. We offer lesson plans for teachers and can answer any of your trashy questions. For more information, please contact Francesca Johnson, Community Outreach Supervisor at [email protected].



Lesson Plans

Virtual Landfill Tour

The landfill is not just a hole in the ground. See what goes on behind the scenes by watching our virtual landfill tour.

Education Trailer

When was the first garbage dump created? How do you stop the flood of junk mail? To learn the answers to these and many more trashy questions, reserve the education trailer for your next community event, school or neighborhood gathering.