Posted on December 11, 2019

Green Gifting Guide

Did you know that the amount of trash produced between Thanksgiving and New Year’s in the US increases by an estimated 25%? (NEEF) If you’re wondering how you could reduce your waste this holiday season then keep on reading:


  1. Use what you have to make something new
  2. Make ornaments from things you find around the house
  3. Make a stuff animal from old clothes
  4. Basically, any thing you have around the house that can be made into something new and better!

Gift Experiences!

  1. Instead of material gifts, try experiences instead. They can range from big to small!
  2. Tickets to see a favorite sports team.
  3. Family bonding trip to the zoo, ice rink, cabin, or somewhere warm!
  4. Tickets to a cool concert!

Gifts that donate to charities!

  1. If you have an animal lover check out World Wildlife FundThe National Audubon Society, or this list for more ideas!
  2. You can also check out this article by Nadine Jolie Courtney and Brianna Steinhilber from NBC for gifts that give back to those in need.
  3. Don’t forget local organizations too! If they don’t offer products where the proceeds go towards their mission, you can always donate in the same of your gift receiver!


Written by Sofia Gilani, Environmental Technician.
For any questions please email [email protected]